What themes can help you run different games at live casinos?

What themes can help you run different games at live casinos?

Is gambling popular in the Netherlands? You can have an idea about this by looking at the increasing number of online casinos’ developers in the Netherlands. But do they all stand out? Yours can stand out if you use the right WordPress themes for your website.

If you are planning to start an online casino’s website, you will need to know about various WordPress themes that will aesthetically portray the online games and rest of the features of your online casino. 

You should be sure about what you are choosing because the right theme is very impactful in terms of attracting the audience and keeping them interested in reading the content on your website. If you have come here to choose the right WordPress theme for your website, you are in safe hands. 

We will talk about the best WordPress themes that will help your online casino’s website attract more people. Since you can diversify your gaming list on your website, there are distinct themes that can help in running distinct games at your live casino.

Casino Roulette WordPress theme:

Since Roulette is a very popular casino game, this WordPress theme named after the Roulette game is preferred by many people. There are various things that can be added into your website using this theme. You can promote online casinos, video slots, free spins, and much more using this WP theme. 

Furthermore, you can also publish reviews regarding various online casinos and upload blogs related to online gambling. The best thing about this WordPress theme is that it does not demand coding; you should be able to use basic WordPress operations. 

This is the best WP theme that can exhibit different games at live casinos and much more with its inbuilt components and modules that allow you to add many options on your website. 

Mercury – Gambling and Casino affiliate WordPress theme:

There are very few amazing WordPress themes that stand out and Mercury is one of them. Many online casino websites’ developers prefer this theme for many reasons. Like the Roulette theme, the Mercury WordPress theme also does not expect advanced programming skills. 

You can simply add the theme to your website using WordPress. Priced at only $79, the Mercury theme will allow you to apply various templates on your websites. As a result many users get attracted to your website in no time. 

Like other amazing WordPress themes, Mercury allows you to feature various casino games on your website. This gives choice to the users to rightly look at the various games being exhibited and pick the one to play that suits them the best. The theme also allows you to post news, blog articles, and many features related to online gambling. Websites also use this theme because it allows you to upload reviews regarding famous casino games so that users may read them before playing the games. 

CasinoTown WordPress theme

As the name suggests, this WordPress theme can carry anything related to online gambling and games in particular. The CasinoTown WordPress theme is one of the best themes out there. In particular, it allows you to review various online casinos, betting webmasters, and much more. Furthermore, the CasinoTown theme is SEO optimized. 

Thus, if you follow the basic SEO rules before creating your web content, it is highly likely that your website will be ranked in top lists in the search engine. This theme also includes the feature of translating the content in any language you want. Therefore, you will be able to convey your content to the audience from anywhere in the world. 

Poker Dice WordPress theme

You should definitely choose this WordPress theme if you are starting an online casino’s website. Priced at $59, this WordPress theme contains everything you need to post on your online casino website. You can run various slots such as Roulette, the Wild hammer slot online, and many more as a list on your website using this WordPress theme. If you use this theme, you no longer require any programming skills. 

With $59 dollars and a few clicks, you will be able to have a website for your online casinos. This theme is also SEO optimized so you can use the basic SEO to get your website ranked in top lists. You can also publish reviews, articles, blogs, and news related to online gambling on your website using this WordPress theme. 


While there are plenty of online casinos’ websites in the Netherlands these days, your website may stand out for various reasons and picking the right theme is one of them. You will have plenty of choices whilst using a WordPress theme. You might get confused in choosing the best theme for your website. However, we have provided you with various amazing choices of themes that can help you run different games at live casinos or casinos’ websites.