A Quick Guide To Troubleshooting With WordPress

A Quick Guide To Troubleshooting With WordPress

There are several ways you can get support for any WordPress issue. WordPress is backed by a thriving community and knowledge repositories you can access and find solutions to your problems. Alternatively, you can even hire Professional WordPress developers to fix your problems.  But whatever way you prefer to seek support, conducting initial troubleshooting to […]

There are several ways you can get support for any WordPress issue. WordPress is backed by a thriving community and knowledge repositories you can access and find solutions to your problems. Alternatively, you can even hire Professional WordPress developers to fix your problems. 

But whatever way you prefer to seek support, conducting initial troubleshooting to gather as much information as possible about the error will be extremely helpful in finding timely solutions. 

For instance, say you want to post about a 508 error in the WordPress support forum or hosting support forums or any relevant plugin or theme support system. Simply posting, I have a 508 error, or ‘my WordPress website is not loading’, will come off too generic for anyone to offer any useful tip or suggestion.

Rather, you are more likely to get a response if you give a narrowed down information as to when the issue arises, the plugin that might be causing it, or any recent change you made. This is what troubleshooting is all about. And sometimes, with little troubleshooting, you can fix the most common errors by yourself.

 It will also help you to know to whom to approach for a problem with WordPress. Troubleshooting can help you identify the layer on which the issue arises, which could be on the plugin, theme, WordPress core files, or the hosting platform. 

Use this as a guide to help you carry out a basic WordPress troubleshooting process whenever you encounter an error. 

Most Common WordPress Issues

Let us start by giving you a rundown of the most common errors and how you can troubleshoot them.

The White Screen Of Death

This error can be frightening as there will be no particular message but just a blank screen when you try to access your site. 

Some of the common causes for this error are

  • Memory limit exceeded
  • Plugin crash

You can try to find the problematic plugin by deactivating all plugins and activating them one by one to isolate the error causing plugin. 

Internal Server Error Code 508

Internal server error can arise from buggy code, corrupted server settings, and routing configurations. Slot Gratis Online faces this problem, and they fixed it by:

  • Replacing the .htaccess file. Take a backup of the existing htaccess file and then remove it. Create a new htaccess file by visiting Settings->Permalinks and click on ‘Save Changes. ‘ 
  • Increasing the memory limit of request and response sizes. You can also increase the memory allocated for your website by the hosting provider. 
  • Replace the wp-admin and wp-include folders with a clean install.

Error Establishing Database Connection

This error indicates that something is blocking the database connection with your back end MySQL or MariaDB. 

Here is what you can try to fix:

  • Check the content of  your wp-config .php file. Correct any incorrect data. 
  • Try seeking support from your web hosting provider as server downtimes and security breaches can cause these errors. 

Bad Gateway – 502 Or Gateway Timeout- 504

Any error starting with 50x indicates something wrong at the server level. Even though you don’t have control over server operation, you can try to fix anything that could cause such behavior from the client-side such as corrupt cache, incorrect request format, and so on. Here are some tips:

  • Perform a hard reload of the webpage
  • Clear browser cache and cookies.
  • Clear DNS cache
  • If nothing works, try contacting your CDN or host provider

Too Many Requests – 429

This error can be caused by a faulty code that sends too many requests to the server. Incorrect loops and recursive requests from buggy code can be the root cause. 

Try to isolate the plugin or piece of code that might be causing the issue. 

Connection Timed Out/ Limit Exhausted

Increased loads often cause this error to the server. You might have installed some resource-intensive plugin or theme that exhausts your server resource allocation. Try these steps:

  • Increase the memory limit. You can do so by altering the memory limit variable in the wp-config.php file. 
  • Increase the maximum execution time. You can modify this value by editing the .htaccess file. Add the line php_value max_execution_time (seconds) to override the default value of 30 or 60 seconds to any preferred duration. Thus line should be added just above the #END WORDPRESS line

Page Not Found (404)

Probably the most popular error of all is the page not found error. The simplest cause is a page being removed from its original URL. But there are times mistakes happen, and you end up with unwanted 404 pages that affect the user experience and SEO of your website. 

Check for these things:

  • Check the spelling of the URL is used.
  • Fix your permalink. You can refresh by visiting the Permalink page under settings and simply clicking on the ‘Save Changes’ button. 
  • Replace the .htaccess file

Syntax Error

This error is shown when any back end file has some form of syntax or format errors. The best thing to do is to debug your back end code and fix any misspellings and mistakes. This is why you must be highly cautious while creating a website.

Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance

This error is shown when WordPress puts your website under the maintenance mode. It is usually caused when an update is being applied to the website. 

Try these when you see this error:

  • Wait until the update to complete.
  • If it takes more than a couple of minutes for the website to come back live, disable the maintenance mode. Login to the website control panel and try to find the file named .maintenance under your website root folder. Delete the file to disable maintenance mode.

Auto Update Failed

The error message is quite self-explanatory. When an automatic update fails, it may cause some part of your plugins or website to break down. The fix for the error is quite simple. Just manually update the plugin or theme you want to. 

Too Many Redirects

Redirects are usually set up by the webmaster when a page or website has moved to a new URL. But there are instances when an incorrect redirect setup can cause a redirect loop. 

To fix:

  • Update WordPress settings with the correct URL. 
  • Refresh Permalinks
  • Check the .htaccess file. 
  • check if any plugin is causing the issue
  • Update wp-config.php file

Wrap Up

Before you take up any troubleshooting, remember to backup your website. Try following a layered approach to troubleshooting and identify the actual cause. This way, you know whom to contact for help. For instance, an error from the hosting platform needs to be addressed by the hosting provider. You don’t have to waste time chasing answers from plugin developers. 

Here is a brief rundown on what you can do for a systematic troubleshooting process when your WordPress site is not working:

  • Try refreshing the page. Clearing browser cache memory, cookies, DNS cache, and plugin cache. 
  • Try to find the plugin that causes the issue by deactivating all plugins and activating one by one, all the while checking for the issue.
  • Switch to a default theme and see if the error is fixed. 
  • Rollback any recent updates or code changes and see if the error is fixed. 
  • Backup your website and perform a clean install of the latest WordPress. 

If nothing works, hire a professional webmaster or contact the relevant support forum for help. Provide a detailed description of the issue and post your queries. 

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