What is new in the WordPress 5.5 update?

What is new in the WordPress 5.5 update?

WordPress is the most popular platform to create your website. Over 37.6% – yes, more than one in four sites you see on the internet are powered by WordPress. Simply put, the WordPress 5.5 update is quite a big thing for the digital world! WordPress just introduced WordPress 5.5, and it is a topic of […]

WordPress is the most popular platform to create your website. Over 37.6% – yes, more than one in four sites you see on the internet are powered by WordPress. Simply put, the WordPress 5.5 update is quite a big thing for the digital world!

WordPress just introduced WordPress 5.5, and it is a topic of discussion among the web designers these days. The release comes with improvements on the block editors, and the makers have also put special attention to content prereview and much more.

The new update will also allow you to edit inlined images – something every web developer wanted to do in WordPress. Do you need a theme that can handle all of this and give you great control? Consultant pro is an excellent choice then!

To give you insight into what this means for you, we will list the essential WordPress features and changes in this blog post. Take a look, and don’t forget to read through the end. 

Default XML Plugin

With the new update, WordPress introduced its XML sitemaps. It’s a sigh of relief for all those who were worried about getting their SEO right.

An XML sitemap is a file that gives search engines direction to all of the content on your site. This will help them index and discover your pages and posts, which holds a lot of importance for the SEO of a website.

Now that the XML Plugin sitemaps are included in WordPress as a core feature, more than 1 in 3 sites will have these enabled by default. Isn’t it awesome?

Sitemaps are beneficial for any website since they aim to create a website that is friendly for users. Sitemaps can also help you secure the top ranking on search engine result pages and contribute to crawl and index your site more quickly. 

Improved Content Preview

While writing a post or page in the block editor, you get a pretty good idea of what this page will look like on the web. Nonetheless, the content preview is (or updates).

This update comes with an additional device previewer, enabling the developers to preview their content on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. That way, you can make sure that your content is readable and accessible to everyone that visits your site.

Mobile traffic has grown a lot in recent years, making your mobile site crucial than ever. The improved content previewer in WordPress 5.5 will be a great deal of help managing your mobile website.

Automated Updates for Plugins

If you are into a web designing business, you must have felt irritated, updating your plugins and themes repeatedly. Well, the new WordPress 5.5 comes with a solution to this long due problem.

This feature of WordPress 5.5 will let you enable the auto update feature for your plugins and themes. But you have to keep this in mind that if this is something you want to use, you have to enable it by yourself. 

This can be done by navigating your admin dashboard and clicking on your “Plugins” in your menu. Switch on the “the auto-updates” next to every plugin you want to be automatically updated.

Want to enable auto-update for your theme? You have to click on “Appearance” in your side menu, choose “Themes” and click on “Enable auto-updates” like that you can find under your theme’s name.

Speaking of themes, have a look at amazing Minimalist WordPress themes that are not going to cost a penny. We are sure you will love them.

How this thing works with WordPress 5.5

If you can make up your mind about the use of this functionality, keep the following in mind. It’s a great practice to test new versions of plugins in a safe environment like a staging website before using them on a live site.

 But in the real world, we realize many site managers don’t (or can’t) do this. In some cases, you might decide that you’re better off keeping your plugins up-to-date to avoid any security issue and missing out on new features, versus the risk of an update introducing bugs or faults. 

This is something that every site owner should consider on a case-by-case basis for each plugin. When possible, we recommend testing to keep an eye on changelogs to make sure that they understand what might be new and what’s different in an update.

Improvement to the Block Editor

Last but not least, the new WordPress update comes with massive changes in the block editor.

With WordPress 5.0, we were introduced to a new blocked-based editing environment named Gutenberg block. Since the introduction of this block editor, every new WordPress update came with improvements in the editing environment, and the release of 5.5 is no exception. 

With some noticeable changes in the user interface, this release introduces us to block patterns and new block directory.

The goal of Block Patterns is to allow users to build and share predefined block layouts, ready to insert and add them to your post/page like any other block. Block patterns are convenient when it comes to more routine elements of your pages or post.  

Edit Image inline 

The considerable improvements in image editing are something everybody is quite excited about. Yes, WordPress has always given web developers a lot of options to edit their images, but this update will allow you to edit pictures in the editor. 

This means that you won’t have to open the image in the media library, you can rotate, resize, crop (and so on) the image right on the editor. You will also be able to see its effects immediately regarding the rest of your content.

However, you have to keep in mind that this may not work for all of your images, as this feature is mainly focused on the standard image blocks.

Welcome to WordPress 5.5

The new updates of WordPress are fascinating. Once you get your hands all set on all the new features of WordPress, you are going to love it. 

What are you waiting for? Open up WordPress 5.5, and start developing a site just the way you want!

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