Finding a Good WordPress Developer for your Project

Finding a Good WordPress Developer

We all know WordPress is the best CMS that one can use to develop a website. It is easy to use and start creating your site; you just need to learn a few minutes theme installation process. However, to customize your website to the fullest, reaching for a competent WordPress developer goes a long way. […]

We all know WordPress is the best CMS that one can use to develop a website. It is easy to use and start creating your site; you just need to learn a few minutes theme installation process. However, to customize your website to the fullest, reaching for a competent WordPress developer goes a long way.

Your website needs a lot of effort on customization besides the simple theme and plugins installation process. You have to work on SEO troubleshooting, speed optimization, and security protocol enhancement.

WordPress themes can be a lot of help when it comes to customizing your website. Here are some of the free WordPress themes that you are going to need if you are interested in designing your website on WordPress. 

All of the mentioned above things are not easy to use or customize for you or anyone unfamiliar with coding. You might think we are going to ask you to learn to code, and maybe you are enthusiastic enough to agree too.

Let it be very clear that it is not the case this time. You cannot simply go and learn to code in days, and you cannot get expertise at working on WordPress development in days either.

To start working on your WordPress website, you require someone who has the required knowledge and the vast experience of the platform and the programming languages associated with the platform.

Why do you need a good WordPress developer?

Let’s look into this with a case scenario and a little overview of how WordPress works, and then we will move on to how you can find a WordPress developer that can do that for you.

What is the whole WordPress CMS? It is the architect of most of the websites you see on the internet today. Though it is easy to learn and use, it is not a piece of cake for anyone who wants to master it.

With a little bit of knowledge about WordPress, you might learn how to add plugins, customize the appearance, customize themes, and run troubleshoots for your website. These are the basic things. 

The tough part is to master the art of optimizing your website’s performance and making it perfect. That is when you will require the services of an expert and you will need to hire WordPress developers too!

For all this, your best shot is to hire a WordPress Developer that can help you set up the website you want. And to do that, you need to know where you should look for them. Do you know where WordPress developers jobs are a big hit?

One of our clients wanted to perfect their website, and they were this great gaming business. We offered them the support and all and advised them to go for an experienced WordPress developer for the project.

That is precisely what we will advise you to do if you are looking to take your website to perfection. Hire the services of a developer and get your job done without going through either an imperfection phase or the extreme learning curve.

Where to find a good WordPress developer?

You are not required to hire a full-blown, full-time resource to manage your WordPress development issues and tasks. We suggest you hire someone on a Freelance basis, and that will work fine with you.

We suggest that it is a better idea to find a freelance developer because you can find someone who has the right skill-set, and you can choose the one between many options that serves your economic boundaries well.

We have researched and found three places you can visit to find the right developer for your WordPress website. Do a bit of research before finding the one that suits you best. You can find WordPress freelancer jobs posted on many platforms, but we have chosen the best ones here.


Formerly known as ODesk, Upwork has gained the heights of freelance popularity in recent times, mainly because of the payment protection and measures for identity proofs that it implements.

Upwork is an online freelance platform where you can perform the act of recruitment based on your preferences and choices. All you have to do is put the ad for your job on the platform and then wait for freelancers to apply.

UpWork has many WordPress projects freelance jobs posted over it and you can use the platform to find the right person for your job as well. The platform is quick and perfectly accurate 90% of the time.

On UpWork, more than 80% of recruiters find a suitable candidate within a day of posting the job. You can be more specific about your requirements concerning skills, language, availability, proficiency, and rates.

You can choose between a fixed price or an hourly contract and with the help of Upwork’s time tracker application, you can track time, screen activity, and computer activity in the logged time. In this way, you can be sure that an hour paid is an hour worked.

Upwork takes a commission from both the hiring and the hired parties for the job. It takes a commission of 20% for all the projects under USD500, and the commission reduces down to 10% for higher amounts. 


Like any other good platform offering freelance services, Freelancer is the perfect place to find a developer for your WordPress development project that is best suited to your requirements and budget.

It enables you to post your job and specify your requirements. You can then choose the web developer that best fits your needs.

It is handy to use, safe for payments, and the best way to hire people in freelance capacities. You can even find better-skilled people that will have lower demands.

You just have to sign up, post a job for your work, wait for a bit for the right freelancer, collect what you asked for, give the payments, and there you are with your work done without much hassle. 

Although you should make sure to choose the right person for your job, release payments upon project completion, and don’t even think to ask for free work from freelancers on the platform.

WordPress Jobs

Can you think of a better place to place your resource requirements for WordPress developers than the WordPress jobs platform itself? You can post your job on the platform, and we ensure you are going to find the right freelancer.

You have to keep this in mind that it is a community job board, and there are not many people who would entirely trust the authenticity of the job or even the hiring and payment process, but still, it is worth it a shot.

Though many WordPress developers visit the platform, the community board makes it a little tough for you to find the right person and hire them for your project.


We would suggest you go with either of these platforms for your web developing projects related to WordPress development and more. Just ensure that the person you are choosing is the right person for the right job. 

We wish you Good Luck hiring a developer! May you find WordPress developers fit for your needs!

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