Best SEO tools on the market for your business

best SEO tools on the market for your business

Does your business largely depend on the digital front for revenue generation? If the answer to this question is yes, you need to focus on ranking higher in searches and you need the best SEO tools to do so. How does SEO really help your online business? If you are yet unclear about this, maybe […]

Does your business largely depend on the digital front for revenue generation? If the answer to this question is yes, you need to focus on ranking higher in searches and you need the best SEO tools to do so.

How does SEO really help your online business? If you are yet unclear about this, maybe that’s one reason you have not performed to your full capacity in the past.

You need to know that a digitally enabled business is only as good as the magnitude of its search volume. How? It all starts with a search term and ends in a conversion.

In simpler terms, let’s just take a scenario of an eCommerce store operating locally in the United States. If we take out paid marketing and advertisements, the equation depends on two things: Branding and search results.

Branding is a result of concentrated efforts over a long time period, whereas search rankings can boost your business from the get-go. As soon as people start to discover your website in search results, you are going to get more customers.

That makes search ranking the real booster to your business online. The first part of this whole construct is your keyword ranking. The higher your website ranks for a specific keyword, the more are the chances of people coming to your website as a result of a search query.

How can you improve your search rankings?

If you have not worked on Search Engine Optimization before, you can start now. It’s no rocket science, but it’s no magic spell either. You need to work smart for some time to extract the desired results.

We recommend that you start with research. How do you perform research based on Search Engine Optimization and rankings? You will require an SEO tool for this part to be precise.

The research basically requires you to analyze the market and search volumes for keywords specific to your business niche. You can use a premium tool or go for a free keyword rank checker for this part of optimization.

You need to make sure you have researched all the relevant keywords and have carried out a competitor analysis for the search engine rankings as well. 

To complete these research steps and to carry out an analysis for the search rankings and the keywords, you will need the help of SEO tools and we have got just the right list for you.

The best SEO tools for your SEO needs

We know it can get tough finding the right tool on the internet for anything, and with SEO, it gets tougher. There are hundreds of tools out there claiming to be the best.

How do you really identify the tool that can help you with your Search Engine Optimization needs and strategy? You need to make sure you know what you want to do (We have just gone over what you need).

To make it easier for you, we have created a list of 4 great SEO tools that you can use to improve your search rankings and work your way towards digital success.

1. Ahrefs

According to many tech-critics, Ahrefs is an exceptional multipurpose SEO tool that you can ever find on the internet. It really fulfills most of your requirements related to SEO and strategies.

Ahrefs has a huge data index magnitude which includes indexing of more than 16 trillion unique links, daily browsing and crawling of more than 5 billion webpages, a little more than 3 trillion known URLs, and more. It has a huge 48 petabyte storage and is powered by more than 65,000 processor cores. Impressive? There is more!

With Ahrefs, you get the finest form of comparative analyses and competitive comparisons. It provides you with the finest organic search reports that help you understand your standings compared to the competition.

You can start using Ahrefs for your business today for a $7 trial period for 7 days. In case you like it, you can opt for a monthly or annual plan based on your requirements. Annual plans start from $990.

2. RankChecker

If you are really starting your online business and you need something simple yet comprehensive for your SEO strategies, we recommend RankChecker. According to tech-savvy critics, it’s the best Google rank checker out there.

With this tool, you have a rank checker online that helps you keep track of your search engine rankings based on your page rankings and your keyword rankings across the Google search engine.

It acts both as a keyword ranking tool and a page rank checker simultaneously, helping you keep a close check on your search rankings and performances of your keywords in Google search queries.

You can start right now by visiting the tool website, entering the keyword you want to analyze for search rankings, choose the desired search engine, add your email, and you will get the results emailed to you soon.

The best part about this tool compared to the others is the cost. There is no cost for using Rankchecker for your SEO strategy at all. It’s free and it’s simple. Isn’t it the best free keyword rank checker ever?

3. SEMRush

Haven’t come across this name yet? You haven’t been working a lot on Search Engine Optimization or Marketing at all. Anyone who knows about SEO or SEM knows about SEMRush.

It is a premium SEO tool that can really revolutionize the way you go about your Search Engine Optimization strategy. It not only gives you your ranking, but it also provides insights into your performances as well.

With the kind of comprehensive site audit you get with SEMRush, you can know your strengths and weaknesses relative to SEO in general and keywords in specific. You can then act to eliminate any flaws in your SEO strategies and strengthen your strengths too. All this is based on the semantic core collection; With it, you have a base to work with.

In addition to those analytical pros, SEMRush has one of the most legitimate and valid competitive analyses and comparative audits of your keywords and your competition’s keywords. That comes in handy to determine the right SERP strategy for you.

You can start using the tool from $99.95 a month and decide on any other plan based on your requirements. 

4. Accuranker

Do you want something exclusive and up-to-date? Accuranker makes sure you get updated rankings every day and on-demand too. That is what makes this one a special tool.

In-depth access to SERP data that Accuranker has does not only help you analyze the past standings for your keywords and your website with regards to SEO, but it also helps you plan better for the future. 

You can devise better strategies with historical SERP analyses provided by Accuranker. The functions of the tool don’t end here though!

Accuranker adds value to your SEO with additional options for tagging and landing page optimization. These two options help with your funnels and the increment of conversion rates.

 Apart from all these amazing features, Accuranker allows you to add unlimited domains to the same account. Moreover, you can add numerous users to the same account too. The more the merrier. 

 Accuranker also has integration options with other analytics platforms for better segmentation and reports. With its integration to Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Databox, and Sheets using APIs and keys, you can easily intercalate your data and data platforms.

Start using Accuranker for a minimum price of $109 per month billed monthly and $99 per month billed annually.


We know that you need SEO and you know that too. Choose any one of these SEO tools based on your requirements and start ranking better in searches. Best of luck!

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