13 Most Popular Free Minimalist WordPress Themes 2020

Popular Free Minimalist WordPress Themes 2020

Minimalist design is the newest web trend lately, and WordPress is the perfect candidate to put simplicity to good use. Good minimal design is more than just plain backgrounds and text-centered design — it requires the same balance, elegance, and purpose that good web design does.

Minimal designs are getting a lot of popularity in recent years. 

In this blog post, we have assembled some of the Best Minimalist WordPress themes.

Minimal Grid

Minimal Grid Awesome WordPress Blog Theme


Minimal Grid is a content-focused free WordPress theme with support for post formats, mobile-friendly design, sleek, and full of features to give your site visitors access to your content without a lot of fuss. 

The theme has many options built into the customizer, including color controls for the post format icons, site title, text and background.

Top Features:

  • Standards Compliant Coding
  • Live Theme Customizer
  • Unique Design & Layout
  • Search Engine Friendliness
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Retina-Display Ready
  • Responsive Layout

Minimal Lite


Top Features:

Write Blog

Blog Prime

Minimal Blog

Mimimal Blog Free WordPress Theme

Classic Blog

Catch Inspire

Catch Inspire WordPress Blog Theme


Catch Inspire designed and maintained by Catch Themes is a clean, simple, and responsive WordPress theme for corporate and blogs. The Theme has been deliberately designed to accommodate the ample requirements of an extremely vast set of different business website archetypes.

Top Features:

  • Responsive Design
  • Featured Page Slider
  • WordPress Standard Codes


Knight Free WordPress Blog Theme by ThemeiWP


The number of themes available for WordPress can be a little overwhelming. They seem to be everywhere you look. Responsive design is at the top of the wish list for most WordPress users right now, with other features falling closely behind.

Finding a great theme can be as simple as asking the right questions and checking out theme ratings and reviews on forums such as ThemeForest and the WordPress Theme Repository. The most popular themes are those that include the most user-friendly and technologically relevant features.

But don’t base a theme choice on popularity alone. As a theme consumer, consider how you plan for your site to be used. Themes that work well for retailers may be different than those that are designed for portfolios. Do your research and pick a theme based on features that are important for users of your site.

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