9 Best Christmas Plugins To Prepare Your Site For Holidays

Christmas WordPress plugins for the holidays

You know that plugins extend your website functionality and you have to make changes to your website from time to time according to your needs. As Christmas is forthcoming so it is a good time to get your site prepared for the holidays by using the Christmas plugins.  In this blog, you will get to […]

You know that plugins extend your website functionality and you have to make changes to your website from time to time according to your needs. As Christmas is forthcoming so it is a good time to get your site prepared for the holidays by using the Christmas plugins. 

In this blog, you will get to know about the best WordPress plugins that you need.

So let’s start from basics.

What Are Plugins? 

Plugins are software that you plug into your website and allow you to customize site features.

Most specifically plugins are scripts that extend the functionality of your website. They also allow the customization of computer programs, apps, and web browsers.

They also allow you to turn settings on and off easily like you can change the color of font, text style to match the rest of your website.

Best Christmas Plugins

Holidays are fast approaching and you will be planning to decorate your workplace and home. Well, you must think about decorating your website as well! 

Decorating your website doesn’t have to be that complicated. You need to make small changes to give your website a perfect holiday bling. 

Well, these small changes can be of different types such as adding a Christmas background, decorating your logo, or the ways that are easy to implement.

You can use different tools to create holiday themes like boost or plugins.

Well, the plugin tool is widely used for this purpose, because it is the easiest way to give your website the look for which you are looking.

We have highlighted plugins that you can use to decorate your website for your clients, users, and customers to catch the holiday spirit.

We are in the processed of adding some Christmas cheer to slot games online site and wanted to share some of the plugins we found.

So let’s start! 

Christmas Countdown Widget

Christmas countdown plugin

Let the countdown begin! The Christmas Countdown Widget enables a cute Santa Claus on the sidebar that countdown to Christmas. 

On Christmas day Santa will show a “Merry Christmas” greeting to visitors. You can have it on your sidebar all year round. It looks equally appealing to every theme.

It has over 800+ installations from WordPress sites now and it is free.

Christmas 3D – Plugin for WordPress

Christmas plugin

With Christmas 3D Plugin you can easily decorate your website. You can add catchy, interactive, and unique Christmas animations with this plugin.

It can be easily integrated into a site with 15+ images, live camera with advanced 3D realism.

It costs only $14 to have all these exciting decorating features.

Christmas Music Plugins

Christmas music plugin

Want to play soft jingle bell music for customers on your website? Then this awesome Christmas Music Plugin is the right plugin to do so.

You can activate it on your complete site or some posts that you choose. Not only this, users can disable or enable it by using the pause play button.

So just get this to cheer up Christmas! 


holiday plugin

Christmisify is the only plugin that has multiple numbers of exciting features for your users. Its main features include Santa, music, elegant Christmas fonts for the website. It is a simple yet really nice plugin.

So use the Christmasify plugin now because it is a lightweight plugin and decorate your website for your users.

Christmas Panda

Christmas plugin

 Christmas Panda plugin will help you to give your website a great look with Christmas trees, Santa Claus pop-ups, and snowfall.

From the admin panel, you can control what to show on your website, manage decoration, and manage pop-ups.

Use the plugin to delight your users and distinguish your site from others.

Get your copy of Christmas Panda now!

Xmas Advent Calendar

advent calendar plugin

This plugin provides you with a calendar that allows the visitor to your site to open the Christmas gift on the day you decide. This is a good way to engage your user on the website.

It is fully responsive and you can choose from a number of background colors plus it has a nice design. You can enable snow animations to make your site more engaging. It features an easy and intuitive admin panel.

Know details and buy yourself one.

5sec Snow

 Want your website to be all covered in snow? Then this 5 second snow plugin must be your choice. It is easy to use and simple. 

Once you have installed it and then it’s done you have nothing more to do than enjoy the snow on the website. White dots of different sizes fall from the top of your website to create the perfect illusion of snow.

Merry Christmas – Illustrated/Animated Coming Soon Plugin

wordpress christmas plugin

This is a perfect plugin for landing pages,coming soon and 404 pages.It is easy to install with responsive design support including countdown animations and illustrations.

Install the plugin now to give your website a festive look now! 

Make Me Christmas- MMX

No Christmas is complete without a Christmas tree, Santa Claus or snowman. So bring all these to your website using Make Me Christmas-MMX plugin.

You can add all these elements to header, footer or on the main body of the website. Free versions contain all these features but paid copy will provide you with extended versions of Santa Claus, snow and Christmas trees.

Will Their Use Benefit Me?

Of course, these plugins will benefit your website as you will be distinguished from others because of these easy to use tools. You will end up having more traffic to your website once you use these plugins.

Having perfect themes is the other way to have a greater number of users to your website.


It is now or never! Choose the plugin that perfectly suits your budget and interest. Holidays are around and it is far easier to decorate your website than home because of the plugins. 

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