6 Great Plugins For Sharing Your Instagram Feed

6 Great Plugins For Sharing Your Instagram Feed

Instagram is quickly moving up the ladder to emerge as a top social media marketing platform. A lot of businesses and influencers have made Instagram a part of their marketing strategy. The platform helps you showcase your products and put out unique shareable content that can quickly garner the attention of your business profile needs.   […]

Instagram is quickly moving up the ladder to emerge as a top social media marketing platform. A lot of businesses and influencers have made Instagram a part of their marketing strategy. The platform helps you showcase your products and put out unique shareable content that can quickly garner the attention of your business profile needs.  

Maybe you are a casino site or an eCommerce store and want to catch extra eyes? So, why not take the extra step into integrating your Instagram feed content with your WordPress blog posts and pages from enhanced exposure? That way, you can score more for your SEO and bring in a consistent brand image across your various profiles. Your followers can interact with you on both platforms, and you can also gain new followers to your profile. Make the best use of both platforms by integrating your Instagram feed into your WordPress sites. 

Here are some amazing Instagram WordPress plugins that will help you achieve this feat with just a few clicks. 

Best WordPress Instagram Plugins For Sharing Your Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed Pro

Sharing Your Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed Pro is a premium Instagram plugin developed by Smash Balloon. With over 1.3 million users, this plugin is the most popular choice for integrating Instagram updates to your website. It is also available as a free version with the limited functionalities to include a custom Instagram feed on website. 

While the free version provides the basic functionality, the pro version provides enhanced options like multiple layout choices, masonry grids, carousel, and so on. 

Some of the cool features included in the pro-version are:

  • Display different Instagram feeds from multiple sources 
  • Display #hashtag feeds
  • Create shoppable feeds
  • Lightbox pop option 
  • Built social sharing buttons for lightbox pop-ups
  • Instagram stories support and integration into a WordPress site
  • Smart feed cache for fast loading
  • Backups allow you to show the posts even when the Instagram API is down
  • Integrates easily with your theme


Sharing Your Instagram Feed

Rafflepress is a rewards and giveaway WordPress plugin which can double up as an Instagram feed plugin. It offers you the option to create Instagram related contests and thus drives up your followers count. 

You can make use RafflePress to run some Instagram focused giveaways or get them subscribed to your mailing list

Besides Instagram, you can use RafflePress for other social media integrations like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. 

Here are some note benefits if using RafflePress:

  • Drag and drop giveaway builder
  • Virtual sharing
  • Giveaway landing page. You can create custom landing pages that direct to your Instagram profile or posts. 
  • Tracking and retargeting options
  • Efficient marketing and CRM integration

You can try out the free version of RafflePress to get started with running Instagram contests and feed integration. 

Envira Gallery

Envira is essentially a WordPress photo gallery plugin. It is easy to use, fast and provides optimized image sharing options. As Instagram is based on the image-sharing model, this plugin can easily display your Instagram content in a beautifully organized manner. 

You can make use of the Instagram add-on available for this plugin to import the pictures from your Instagram account into your website’s photo gallery. 

Once imported, you can choose how you want to display them on your website either as part of your blog posts, lightbox pop-ups, or shareable content that links back to your Instagram profile. 

Here are some of the top features provided by Envira:

  • Drag and drop image and video gallery builder
  • Responsive layouts
  • Pre-built gallery templates 
  • Albums and tags feature to organize your photos. You can also choose album cover photos as you want to. 
  • WooCommerce integration. 
  • Social media integration for Instagram, Pinterest, and more. You can include share buttons to let users share your Instagram content with their social media handles. 
  • Watermarker protection for your original photos
  • Slideshow and full-screen lightbox display modes 
  • Embed videos from social media like YouTube and Instagram 


Instagram widget WordPress

If you are looking for a simple to use but powerful Instagram widget WordPress for integrating Instagram, you should checkout Soliloquy. Designed for ease of use, this plugin is the best choice for beginners. It is a WordPress slider plugin that comes with a Dynamic slider to include content from your  Instagram profile to your site. 

You have several customizations and fingering options, including photos with specific tags and tweaking the way the photos look on your site. Here are some cool features of soliloquy you will find helpful.

  • Drag and drop image and video slider builders.
  • Pre-built beautiful slider templates that go well with your website’s theme
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly sliders
  • Fullscreen lightbox support where you can show your Instagram photos 
  • Dynamic sliders 
  • Interactive WooCommerce compatible product sliders support. 

10web Social Photo Feed

Instagram widget WordPress

10web Social Photo Feed is a simple WordPress plugin that can be used to integrate Instagram feeds to your blog posts and web pages. 

The free version offers the basic limited Instagram integration options.  You can further enhance the content’s look and feel by using advanced customization options available with the premium paid version. 

You can set the Instagram feeds to be shown based on a specific hashtag or Instagram account. The free version allows for only a single feed, whereas the premium version can be used to source photos from multiple feeds. 

Some of its features are:

  • Full-customization control over the feed layout display
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Easy to  install and use
  • Individual and mixed feeds available with the premium versions
  • Filtered feeds based on hashtags or account setup
  • You can create Instagram galleries by using shortcodes
  • Pre-built Instagram widget
  • Lightbox support for HTML5 video with support 15 transition effects, carousel, filmstrip, and more

Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons is a plugin developed by StudioPress that provides simple social media integration via icons. It lets you add social media icons that link to your official accounts. You can use this option to integrate your Instagram profile into your WordPress site

You are provided with full customization of how you want the icons to be displayed from the widget form itself.  

It is a completely free plugin with an easy to use interface. 

The Wrap Up

So, these were some cool WordPress plugins that you can integrate with your cool Instagram feed themes. Flaunt your Instagram feed on your website and catch all the eyes! Try them now.

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